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    Badri Prasad Pandey

    Hon'ble Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

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    Er. Pradeep Adhikari

    Director General


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Airports Map

Bajura Airports
Bajura Airport is situated at Kolti Municipality of Bajura District, Sudur-Paschim Province. This ..... read more
Simikot Airports
Simikot Airport is situated at Simikot Rural Municipality of Humla District, Karnali Province. It is the ..... read more
Bharatpur Airports
Bharatpur Airport is situated at Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality of Chitwan District, Bagmati ..... read more
Bhojpur Airport
Bhojpur Airport is situated at Bhojpur Municipality of Bhojpur District, Koshi Province. ..... read more
Biratnagar Airport
Biratnagar Airport is located at north of Biratnagar Bazaar, Morang District of Koshi Province. and .....read more
Chandragadhi Airport
Chandragadhi Airport is situated at Bhadrapur Municipality of Jhapa District, Koshi Province. Due ......read more
Chaurjahari Airport is situated at Bijeshwori Municipality of West Rukum District, Karnali Province...... read more
Dang Airport
Dang Airport is situated at Tulsipur Municipality of Dang District, Lumbini Province. It is located in..... read more
Dhangadhi Airport
Dhangadhi Airport is situated at Dhangadhi Sub Metropolitan City of Kailali District, Sudur-Paschim..... read more
Dolpa Airport
Dolpa (Juphal) Airport is situated at Juphal Municipality of Dolpa District, Karnali Province. The..... read more
Gautam Buddha International Airport
Gautam Buddha (Bhairahawa) Airport is a International airport situated at Siddhartha Nagar............. read more
Janakpur Airport
Janakpur Airport is situated at Janakpurdham Sub Metropolitan City of Dhanusha District, Province ..... read more
Jomsom Airport
Jomsom Airport is situated at Gharpajhong Rural Municipal of Mustang District, Gandaki Province..... read more
Jumla Airport
Jumla Airport is situated at Chandannath Municipality of Jumla District, Karnali Province. This airport ..... read more
Khanidanda Airport
Manamaya Rai Khanidanda Airport is situated at Khotang Municipality of Khotang District, Province No. 1. read more
Lamidadha Airport
Lamidanda Airport is situated at Rawabesi Rural Municipality of Khotang District, Koshi Province.. ..... read more
Nepalgunj Airport
Nepalgunj Airport is situated at Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitian Municipality-20, Manikapur, Ranjha of ..... read more
Phaplu Airport
Phaplu Airport is situated at Solu Dudhkund Municipality of Solukhumbu District, Koshi Province.. ..... read more
Pokhara Airport (Old)
Pokhara Airport is situated at Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan Municipality of Kaski District, Gandaki read more
Rajbiraj Airport
Rajbiraj Airport is situated at Bisangapur Municipality of Saptari District, Province Madhesh. It is close.... read more
Ramechhap Airport
Ramechhap Airport is situated at Manthali Municipality of Ramechhap District, Bagmati Province. It..... read more
Rara Airport
Rara Airport is situated at Chayanath Rara Municipality - 04 of Mugu District, Karnali Province. It is ..... read more
Rumjatar Airport
Rumjatar Airport is situated at Siddhi Charan Municipality of Okhaldhunga District, Province No. 1..... read more
Simara Airport
Simara Airport is situated at Jitpur Simara Sub Municipality of Bara District, Province Madhesh. It is the.... read more
Surkhet Airport
Surkhet Airport is situated at Birendranagar Municipality of Surkhet District, Karnali Province. It is ..... read more
Salle (Rukum) Airport
Salle Airport is situated at Musikot Municipality of West Rukum District, Karnali Province. This ..... read more
Sanfebagar Airport
Sanfebagar Airport is situated at Sangebagar Municipality of Achham District, Sudur-Paschim ..... read more
Tenzing-Hillari Airport (lukla airport)
Tenzing-Hillary (Lukla) Airport is situated at Khumbu Pasang Lamhu-2 Rural Municipality of ...... read more
Tumlingtar Airport
Tumlingtar Airport is situated at Khandabari Municipality-9 of Sankhuwasabha District, Province No. .... read more
Taplejung Airport
Taplejung Airport is situated at Phungling Municipality, Suketar of Taplejung District, Province No. ..... read more
Tamkharka Airport
Thamkharka Airport is situated at Badka Diyale Municipality of Khotang District, koshi province. .... read more
Tribhuvan International Airport(TIA)
Tribhuvan International Airport is located at Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, Bagmati Province ..... read more
Baglung Airport
Baglung Airport is situated at Narayanthan Municipality of Baglung District, Gandaki Province....... read more
Baitadi Airport
Baitadi Airport is situated at Patan Municipality of Baitadi District, Sudur-Paschim Province. Nowadays, this airport is in operation. read more
Bajhang Airport
Bajhang Airport is situated at Rithapata Municipality of Bajhang District, Sudur-Paschim Province..... read more
Drchula Airport
Darchula Airport is situated at Gokuleswor Municipality of Darchula District, Sudur-Paschim ..... read more
Dhorpatan Airport
Dhorpatan Airport is situated at Bobang Municipality of Baglung District, Gandaki Province. This..... read more
Doti Airport
Doti Airport is situated at Dipayal Municipality of Doti District, Sudur-Paschim Province. The airport is now in operation. read more
Jiri Airport
Jiri Airport is situated at Linkon Municipality of Dolakha District, Bagmati Province. The airport is not in operation. read more
Kangeldanda Airport
Kangeldanda Airport is situated at Solukhumbu District, Province Koshi. The airport serves as a major ....... read more
Langtang Airport
Langtang Airport is situated at Langtang Municipality of Rasuwa District, Bagmati Province. This ..... read more
Mahendranagar Airport
Mahendranagar Airport is situated at Mahendranagar Municipality of Kanchanpur District, SudurPaschim Province. It is .... read more
Manang Airport
Manang Airport is situated at Manang District, Gandaki Province. The airport used to serve as the ..... read more
Mashinechaur Airport
Masinechaur Airport is situated at Pahada Rural Municipal of Dolpa District, Karnali Province. The ..... read more
Gorkha Palungtar Airport
Gorkha Airport is situated at Palungtar Municipality of Gorkha District, Gandaki Province. Nowadays, this airport is not in operation. read more
Rolpa Airport
Rolpa Airport is situated at Bodachaur Municipality of Rolpa District, Lumbini Province . Nowadays...... read more
Meghauli Airport
Meghauli Airport is situated at Bharatpur Metropolitan - 27 of Chitwan District, Bagmati Province. I.... read more
Syangboche Airport
Syangboche Airport is situated at Kumjung Municipality of Solukhumbu District, Province Koshi It ..... read more
Tikapur Airport
Tikapur Airport is situated at Tikapur Municipality of Kailali District, Sudur-Paschim Province. Nowadays, the airport is not in operation...... read more
Gulmi Airport
Gulmi (Resunga) airport is located in Simichaur, Gulmi District, Lumbini Province. The test flight ...... read more
Falgunanda airport is located in Sukilumba, Ilam District, Koshi Province in eastern Nepal. The test...... read more
Khiji Chandeswori Airport
Khiji Chandeshwori airport is located in Okhaldhunga District, Koshi Province in eastern Nepal. It read more
Kalikot Airport
Kalikot Airport is situated at Narharinath Rural Municipality of Kalikot District, Karnali Province. ..... read more
Argakhachi Airport
Pokhara International Airport
Pokhara Airport is situated at Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan Municipality of Kaski District, Gandaki........read more
Nijgad International Airport (Proposed Airport)
* Airport In-operation
* Airport Not In-Operation
* International Airport In-operation
* Under construction airport
* International Airport Under-Construction (Proposed Airport)

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