Operating UAV (drone) in Nepal

No one shall operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone in Nepal without obtaining permission as follows:

  1. Tourists intending to fly UAV during their visit in Nepal shall obtain prior permission from following agencies:
  1. For research and study purpose, permission of following agencies is required:
  1. UAV Pilots should be proficient in flying and have basic knowledge of rules pertaining to drone operation
  2. Do not fly UAV in a way that may cause safety risk to the aircrafts flying in the area.
  3. Small flying Toy can be operated inside the private premises.
  4. Flying UAV in public area for fun requires permission from local security agency.
  5. Liability of any harm to the persons or damage to the property caused due to the UAV operation shall be the responsibility of the person flying the drone.
  6. Refer following documents for detailed requirements for UAV operations in Nepal:
  1. Do not use UAV other than the scope of permission.
  2. Flying an UAV without due permission shall be considered an Illegal and shall be subjected to the punishment in accordance to the prevailing civil aviation rules.

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