About Us

ICAO matters, International affairs and Legal functions, inter alia, are the key areas of responsibility of CAAN. The performance of CAAN as a regulatory body of civil aviation is the matter of concern to the ICAO and international community. ICAO, International Affairs and Legal Department under the Civil Aviation Safety Regulation Directorate (CASRD) is the responsible unit to look after the above mentioned functions in CAAN. The major functional areas of this Department include ICAO State Letters, other international agencies, regulation development, international air law instruments, Air Service Agreement, and Regular legal function such as legal advice and judicial functions.

The major functions of this Department are:

  1. Management of ICAO State letters on behalf of CAAN.
  2. Inter/intra-departmental coordination to respond to ICAO on the matters of Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) amendment/adoption.
  3. Formulation of recommendations regarding ratification/accession of the International Instruments of civil aviation.
  4. Co-ordination with other international agencies on behalf of CAAN as deemed necessary.
  5. Initiation of necessary actions regarding the new Air Services Agreements (ASAs) and amendment of existing ASAs.
  6. Providing advice to the Director General and other Directorates in the conflicting legal issues as requested.
  7. Representation of CAAN in court of law as and when required.
  8. Management of technical library at CAAN Head Office.