ANSSS Department

Introduction of Air Navigation Service Safety Standards Department (CAAN)

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is acting as an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), Regulator and Aerodrome Operator. To make a functional separation between service provider and regulator and to carry out effective safety oversight, CAAN has established a separate directorate: Aviation Safety and Security Regulation Directorate (ASSRD). The ANS Safety Standards Department (ANSSSD) has been formed with Aviation Safety and Security Regulation Directorate (ASSRD)  to perform the Safety Oversight function of ANSP specially in the field of ATS, PANS-OPS/MAPs & CHART, CNS, AIS and SAR. Accordingly, ATM, PANS-OPS/MAPs & CHART, CNS, AIS and SAR Inspectors are appointed within ANS Safety Standards Department who will carry out their duties. The Inspector shall oversee all aspects of ANS concerning services, procedures, methods and functions of ANS service provider and their applicability in accordance with relevant CARs: PELR, CAR-2, CAR-4, CAR-5, CAR-10, CAR-11, CAR-12 and CAR-15, ICAO Annexes 1,2,3,4,5,10,11,12 and 15, manuals, CAAN rules, regulations, directives and related documents.

Safety Oversight Audit/Inspection Schedule 2016/17

Safety Oversight Audit/Inspection Schedule 2017/18

Safety Oversight Audit/Inspection Schedule 2018/19

Safety Oversight Audit/Inspection Schedule 2019/20

Safety Oversight Audit/Inspection Schedule 2020/21

Safety Oversight Audit/Insection Schedule 2021/22

Safety Oversight Audit/Insection Schedule 2022/23

Safety Oversight Audit/Insection Schedule 2023/24