1. Civil Aviation Requirements for Rules of Air (CAR-2)

2. Civil Aviation Requirements For Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation (CAR-3)

3. Civil Aviation Requirements for Aeronautical Chart (CAR-4)

4. Civil Aviation Requirements for Units of Measurement to be used in Air and Ground Operations (CAR-5)

5. Civil Aviation Requirements for Aeronautical Communications (CAR-10, Volume I)

6. Civil Aviation Requirements for Air Traffic Services (CAR-11)

7. Civil Aviation Requirements for Search and Rescue (CAR-12)

8. Civil Aviation Requirements for Aeronautical Information Service (CAR-15)

9. Personnel Licensing Requirements  for Air Traffic Services Electronic Personnel (ATSEP)


1. Manual of Standards for Licensing and Rating of Air Traffic Controller Personnel

2. Manual of Standards Air Traffic Services Nepal

3. Manual of Standards Instrument Flight Procedure Design

4. Approved Training Organization Certification Manual

5. ANS Regulatory Policy and Procedure Manual

6. Air Navigation Services Procedure Manual for Document Development, Amendment, Distribution & Filing of differences to ICAO SARPs

7. Manual of Standards Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS)

8. Manual of Standards Aeronautical Information Service (MOS-AIS)

9. Acceptance Manual for ATS Safety Management System

10.Guidance Manual for Conducting Safety Risk Management Activities in ATM

11. Procedure Manual for Reporting and Investigating the ANS Safety Information and Occurrences

12.Procedure Manual for Acceptance and/or Approval of Instrument Flight Procedure Design Documents

13. Requirements for Fatigue Risk Management in Air Traffic Services


1. Instructor Authorization Procedure


1. Monsoon Circular

2.Safety Circular


1. MoU between CAAN and DHM