1. Airport-Certificate-Regulation-2004
  2. Airport-Certification-Regulation-2061-Nepali-Amendmend-2073


  1. CAR-14, Part – I Aerodrome Design and Operations Fourth Edition 2020
  2. Safety Management System (SMS) Requirement 2010
  3. Requirement for the Operations of Hospital Helipads 2016
  4. Surface Helipad Construction and Operation Procedures-2075


  1. [AC/AD – 001] Requirements for Issue/Renewal of an Aerodrome Certificate
  2. [AC/AD – 002] Guidance Material for SMS for Aerodrome Operator
  3. [AC/AD – 002A] Air side Safety Procedure for Ground Handling Operations at Airports
  4. AC/AD – 003] Guidance Material for Wildlife Hazards Management for Aerodrome Operator
  5. [AC/AD – 004] Guidance Materials for Obstacle Restriction, Marking, Lighting and Removal
  6. [AC/AD – 005] Guidance Materials for Coordination with Land Use Authorities for Obstacle Control
  7. [AC/AD - 006] Guidance Materials for Development of Procedure Manual for Monitoring, Reporting and Analyzing of hazard, accident and incident
  8. [AC/AD – 007] Policy and Procedures for Management of Conflicts Between Safety and Environment Requirements
  9. AC/AD – 008] Guidance Material for Conducting an assessment of Tribhuvan International Airport to identify whether non aeronautical ground lights or Laser Emitter near the aerodrome which may endanger the aircraft are properly shielded
  10. AC/AD – 009] Guidance Material for Ensuring Aerodrome Operators take corrective action with any internal or external agency to shield non-aeronautical ground lights or a Laser Emitter near the aerodrome which may endanger the safety of aircraft
  11. AC/AD – 010] Guidance Material for Aerodrome Operators to Implement Accident and Incident Occurrence Reporting System, Analyze and Maintain Database to Observe Trends and Take Appropriate Action
  12. [AC/AD – 011] Guidance Material for Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (SMGCS)
  13. [AC/AD – 012] Guidance Material for Procedure for Evaluation of Impact on Safety of the Existing Operation whenever there is Proposal for a change in the Physical Characteristics, Facilities or Equipment
  14. [AC/AD – 013] Aeronautical Studies [Safety Risk Assessment]
  15. [AC/AD – 014] Human Factors Principles in Aerodrome Emergency Planning
  16. [AC/AD - 015] Guidance Materials on Aerodrome Safety Inspections at Certified and Non Certified Aerodromes
  17. [AC/AD - 016] Guidance Materials on Training of Aerodrome Reporting Officers and Works Safety Officers
  18. Guidance Materials on Assessment of Aerodrome Operator Staffs 2018
  19. Guidance Materials on Airport Visual Aids Facilities Maintenance 2019
  20. Guidance Materials of Visual Aids 2019
  21. CAAN Guidance Material Airport Pavement
  22. Safety Advisory Circular
  23. Guidance Material On GRF for Aerodrome Operator


  1. Manual of Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (SMGCS) First Edition, Mar 2013
  2. Manual of Aerodrome Certification Procedures, Second Edition – 2018
  3. Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Services Manual, First Edition – 2012


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  2. Exemption Procedure for Non Compliances at Aerodromes, Second Edition, 2010
  3. Procedure for Continuing Surveillance Inspection at Aerodromes, First Edition Dec 2018 
  4. Procedure for Verification of Aerodrome Data and Its Publication Second Edition March 2017
  5. Document to Verify Accuracy and Integrity of Data Provided by Aerodrome Operator, Second Edition, March 2017


  1. Standard Operating Procedure for Fire Prevention and Protection On Ramp Area, First Edition, Jul 2014


  1. Exemption Record of  TIA
  2. Exemption Record of Biratnagar Airport
  3. Exemption Record of Nepalgunj Airport