Technical Sessions of the 56th DGCA Conference
Technical Sessions of the 56th DGCA Conference
22nd August 2019

The technical session on 19th August 2019 included Discussion Papers on the theme topic 'Harmonizing Efforts to Meet the Capacity Constraints', and the topics 'Aviation Safety' and 'Air Navigation'.

2nd day of the conference started with the panel discussion on the role of industry partners in harmonizing efforts to meet the capacity constraints. The panelists included IATA, ACI World, ICCAIA, CANSO and DGCA Indonesia and the moderator was FAA-IAO. Agenda item 5 'Aviation Security and Facilitation' was also discussed. Altogether 9 Discussion Papers were presented in this session with discussion on issues such as cyber threat, facilitation need for disabled people, and implementation of Global Aviation Security Plan.

Discussions on agenda item 6 completed with 4 Discussion Papers on issues related to taxation of international air transport, airport infrastructure capacity and capital investment planning and multiparty liberalization. The session was moderated by the DG of CAA, Sri Lanka.

Agenda item 7 'Aviation and Environment' completed with discussions on 4 papers on climate change, CORSIA implementation, and other environmental issues.

On the 3rd day, discussions on Agenda item 10 concluded with presentation on aeronautical meteorology for executives by ICAO. Agenda item 9b was completed with updates from ICAO and partners including presentations from Boeing Company, MOLIT, Republic of Korea, UAE GCAA and Variflight. The session was facilitated by ICAO.

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