Message from the Hon'ble Minister & Director General of CAAN on ICAO Day, 2020
7th December 2020

Message from the Hon’ble Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation on International Civil Aviation Day, 2020

It is my pleasure to congratulate aviation fraternity on the auspicious occasion of International Civil Aviation Day being celebrated to mark the signing of Convention on International Civil Aviation on 7 December 1944 in Chicago. I would also like to congratulate International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for the 76th anniversary of its establishment through this historical Convention. Since its establishment, ICAO has continuously been working for the safe, secure, efficient, and environmentally sustainable growth of global aviation.

The entire world is suffering due to the global pandemic of COVID 19, supposedly the first of its kind in human civilization. Its impact has been felt in almost all segments of global economy among which aviation is one of the most affected sectors. ICAO has tirelessly been engaged with States through virtual platform guiding them to develop and implement health safety protocols and other safety measures for safe air transport operations. Based on ICAO guidance, Nepal has issued health safety guidelines and various air safety measures for airlines, airports and other aviation activities.

Before the pandemic, we had expected significant growth in air traffic with target of two million foreign tourists since the Government of Nepal had declared Year 2020 as Visit Nepal Year. After about six months of lock-down and prohibitory order, Nepal resumed its international and domestic flights in September 2020 with certain restrictions and following strict health safety measures. Till November 2020, we have lost about 65 percent of passengers in domestic sector and about 72 percent of passengers in international sector compared to those in the year 2019. This pandemic has also heavily affected our major infrastructure projects and other development works.

Our priority today is to ensure safety of travelling public and personnel involved in aviation operations to the extent possible. We hope, this terrible period will pass and our collective efforts will be able to bring back aviation sector to its normalcy very soon.

                                                      Yogesh Bhattarai

                       Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

Message from the Director General, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal on International Civil Aviation Day, 2020

It is a pleasure being a part of the celebration on the occasion of the International Civil Aviation Day. The slogan for this day "Advancing Innovation for Global Aviation Development" truly manifests ICAO's efforts to assist States to adopt technological advancements and innovative methods for ensuring global aviation development.

The technological advancements that have been achieved through all these years and that are still being pursued have brought in equally intricate challenges associated with safety, security and sustainability. Similarly, difficulties can surface up in the form of pandemics and disasters as well. The current pandemic is supposedly the greatest threat of the century that has affected public health and economy globally. Among all, aviation is the one that has been severely hit by this challenge. It has been the most resilient one too.  Responding instantaneously to the needs generated by the crisis, aviation has once again proved its significance. Transportation of medical supplies, repatriation missions for stranded passengers, rescue missions and flights relating to other essential supplies and services have been possible through air transportation.

The guidance provided by ICAO has been remarkably beneficial in our strenuous journey during this pandemic. The efficient leadership and support of ICAO for the global aviation during all times of difficulty have been driving the global aviation smoothly ahead in its journey of safety, security and efficiency.

Our commitment today, on this special occasion, is that we shall continually keep on striving for better results in the field of aviation safety and security by following the guidelines of ICAO in collaboration with all stakeholders and thus contribute for the progress of global aviation safety as a whole.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate ICAO on its 76th anniversary.

                                                                                                                                                                      Rajan Pokhrel                                                                   Director General

      Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal